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@ariagiovanni candids: There is a saying that all good things come in sets of 2. Here’s a nice pair, just some ordinairy images of Aria, proving that she is capable to turn your mind 360 degrees while being just casual. How does she manage to find such tops? Awesome, awesome…

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@ariagiovanni remastered: praise the lord - or in this case - Suze Randall for bringing out a new series, of old series, in the megasize they deserve. 2400 pixels sounds like music to my ears. I`ve heard of more recently remastered sets and this morning I popped into Suze’s members area to gather the goodies for my collection. New folders will be needed, but my harddisk is ready. One thing is for sure: remastering leads to masturbation.

Visit and find lot`s of old/renewed treasures,